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Increasing Smallholder Productivity, Market Access and Incomes in Burma

This post was originally published on Winrock International and was authored by Tim May. This post describes USAID’s Value Chains for Rural Development project and links to an infographic in the sidebar.

Increasing the productivity and profitability of smallholders in Burma has the potential to substantially improve food security and livelihoods in poor, rural communities. USAID’s Value Chains for Rural Development project uses an inclusive, market systems approach to support smallholder producers, farmer groups, agribusinesses, and community organizations in the coffee, soybean, ginger, sesame and melon value chains.

The project leverages the expertise of volunteers to improve farmer productivity and market access. By collaborating with partners including SMEs to introduce new technologies and techniques, improve access to extension services, stimulate private sector investment and promote market-based approaches, this project aims to boost production and incomes of 80,000 households.