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Serbia Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis (Organizational Network Analysis)

Craig Hempfling
Richard Danicic
Edi Majstorovic
Branislav Savic
Institutional Sponsor: 
Publication date: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This report was prepared in conjunction with the Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis for USAID/Serbia, conducted from March-May 2016. The overall assessment, conducted under a Political Economy Analysis (PEA) framework, set out to identify the major factors influencing Serbia’s private sector’s ability to grow, export and compete in EU and global markets. The assessment utilized the Applied Political Economy Analysis (PEA) methodology to identify the constraints and establish the causal factors for those constraints. This Organizational Networking Analysis (ONA) was conducted in parallel with the main research assignment; as agreed upon by relevant parties, this report is being submitted as a separate deliverable.