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SEEP Conference 2014: Resources, Blogs, Videos, and more!

The SEEP Network’s 2014 Annual Conference served as a platform to promote learning and exchange around proven and emerging approaches, strategies and models for reaching substantial numbers of poor and vulnerable populations. The conference explored scalable solutions that involve inclusive business models, private sector partnerships, technology applications, and new investment and financing models.

Once again, Microlinks covered the conference, meeting old and new partners, and collected stories from various organizations in the inclusive markets industry. Below is a collection of greenroom interviews with key conference contributors who shared their thoughts on the conference's main themes.

Conference Blog Posts

Greenroom Interviews 

Leveraging Collective Knowledge at the 2014 SEEP Annual Conference

Craig Redmond, Senior Vice President of Mercy Corps, Alberto Solano, CEO of Grameen Foundation Americas, and Brian Ssebunya of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), discuss the effectiveness of the SEEP 2014 conference as a knowledge management platform.

Grameen's Experiences in Strengthening Smallholder Farmers

At the 2014 Annual SEEP Conference, Alberto Solano, CEO of Grameen Foundation Americas, spoke on Grameen's experiences working with smallholder farmers to better understand how to effectively incorporate them into value chains through ICTs. Solano states that integrating an array of services - financial, agricultural, and health - is a key next steps in ICT for development.

Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Push/Pull Strategies

At the 2014 Annual SEEP Conference, Brian Ssebunya of IRC shares his experiences working in northern Uganda, implementing push/pull strategies. In this war-affected area, infrastructure and policies oftentimes limits the ability to scale up push/pull strategies. Ssebunya highlights the importance of peer-learning and engaging in the conference's learning sessions.

Sanitation as a Business

At the 2014 Annual SEEP Conference, John Sauer of Water for People talks about taking a market-based approach for solving sustainable sanitation services. Sauer calls on practitioners in the SEEP community to play an aggregator role and make sanitation a priority lending area.

Using Big Data for 90%

At the 2014 Annual SEEP Conference, Max Richman of DataKind explains big data and its potential for international development. Richman speaks to the application of big and lean data, including an experience in Myanmar one year after Cyclone Nargis.

Perspectives on Achieving Scale in Challenging Contexts

At the 2014 Annual SEEP Conference, Craig Redmond, Senior Vice President of Mercy Corps, shares his perspectives on the challenges to achieving scale in needed products and services, particularly in post-conflict and post-disaster settings. Craig highlights ways NGOs can facilitate market development in these challenging contexts as well as how SEEP members can intentionally learn from one another to improve practice.

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