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VC Learning Event: Financing Value Chains (Session Resources)

Institutional Sponsor: 
USAID Microenterprise Development Office
Publication date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The attached presentation and media are products of the "Financing Value Chains" session of USAID's Meeting the Challenges of Value Chain Development: A Learning Event.

Session Description:

For value chains to grow and incorporate more of the world’s poor, a diverse range of financing needs must be met. From input credit and working capital, to more sophisticated instruments such as leasing and factoring, we have learned that we can lower the risk of providing these products by building on the close inter-relation of value chain actors and understanding the financing needs and cash flow of the entire household. This session provided a brief overview of a model of integrated rural and agricultural finance, and examined three recent country-specific “value chain finance” projects (Haiti, Kenya and Honduras) that were built on such an approach. The session emphasized broad strategies for ensuring that finance contributes to overall value chain competitiveness. Participants were engaged through an innovations marketplace that highlighted specific “value chain finance” products and services, and explored lessons learned and replication potential.