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Exploring Savings-Linked Microinsurance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

EPRI and FHI 360
Maarten Fröling
Wilhelm Irwe
Institutional Sponsor: 
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Publication date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2017

This Technical Guidance Brief series was commissioned by ASPIRES, through FHI 360, to explore the state of the practice of microinsurance, with an emphasis on orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) households.

The Evidence Base Report on Microinsurance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children identified a number of knowledge gaps in the literature that have formed the basis for a series of four technical guidance briefs (TGBs), covering: 

1) The role of microinsurance in the social protection space;

2) The role of public-private partnerships (PPPs) and how government subsidies for orphans and vulnerable children can be leveraged in the microinsurance space;

3) The existing state of health microinsurance and how health microinsurance can target orphans and vulnerable children; and

4) The potential to link microinsurance benefits to education in order to meet a key need of orphans and vulnerable children.