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Cracking the Nut 2013 Preview | Roger Frank, Innovare

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Looking ahead to the June 25-26 Cracking the Nut Conference in Dresden, Germany, Roger Frank of Innovare Advisors reflects on the critical importance of collaboration in the food security community. Innovare, a financial advisory and consulting firm specializing in food security, aims to facilitate game-changing investments in agricultural infrastructure in the developing world.

Speaking to the Microlinks Team in a video interview, Frank explained that he plans to present several investment opportunities related to agriculture at Cracking the Nut. "The kinds of opportunities that we'll be presenting were specifically selected to show the interconnections in the entire agricultural value chain," Frank told us during his interview. "The best-case scenario is that we come out with some partners, investors, and of course it goes without saying some good friends along the way as well," he added.

Bio: Roger Frank

Roger Frank has an MBA in International Finance from NYU Stern School of Business (1983) and a BFA, cum laude, from the University of Delaware (1978). He spent 20 years on Wall Street and was one of the first US-based investment professionals to work in international and emerging markets. He began his work in Africa in the early 1990s when he traveled to the region with leading international investors for meetings with senior government officials and managements of leading public and private companies. In 2004, he became a partner in Developing World Markets (DWM). Building on his work in international and emerging markets and microfinance, he founded Innovare in 2009.