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Catch me at SEEP...or on the tennis courts

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Simrat Mand will be guest blogging during the SEEP 2010 Annual Conference. Learn about Simrat's background and expertise and stay tuned for upcoming conference coverage.

I’m known as Sim to most of my colleagues and friends and have been working with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) under the Market Linkages department since 2009. Most of my childhood was spent in Tanzania. After I finished my business degree in Canada I decided I wanted to become involved in development work with a business focus and MEDA’s approach to value chain development turned out to be a great fit. Internet forums such as blogs are a very important way to network and meet people with similar and differing interests. They also promote effective sharing of experiences and ideas in an (almost) real-time format – a challenge that we often face in microenterprise development.

SEEP Conference

Some personal tidbits – I really enjoy tennis (I’m still learning!) and I just finished reading “Open” by Andre Agassi which was a bit of a shocking insight in to his life and the world of tennis. During my recent trip to Afghanistan I tasted the Afghan version of a stuffed naan which is one of the most delicious foods I’ve had during my travels. There were some pretty interesting foods during my trip to Ethiopia including the false banana bread – fascinating procedure but not so fascinating for my belly!