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2012 SEEP Conference: Sharon D'Onofrio recaps the 2012 Annual SEEP Conference

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At the 2012 SEEP Annual Conference, held November 4-8 in Arlington, VA, Sharon D'Onofrio, Executive Director of The SEEP Network, recaps the success of the 2012 Annual SEEP Conference. In attendance were nearly 600 individuals from 70 countries and 260 organizations. D'Onofrio describes the process in identifying this year's theme of building inclusive markets. A core initiative was focused on leveraging the diversity of attendees by looking at cross-sector innovations with the ability to be scaled. D'Onofrio mentions powerful new additions to this years' conference, specifically member-led training and a career fair supported by member organizations.

Bio: Sharon D'Onofrio, The SEEP Network

Sharon D'Onofrio's experience in microfinance spans 23 countries in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. As SEEP's executive director, she leads the largest global network of microfinance and enterprise development practitioners. D'Onofrio previously served as senior advisor to SEEP’s Association Development Community of Practice, providing strategic direction in SEEP's member services for associations and overseeing the creation of new association development tools. Prior to her time at SEEP, D'Onofrio served as senior technical advisor for Catholic Relief Services (CRS). While with CRS, D'Onofrio also held the positions of regional technical advisor for Latin America as well as program trainer in the organization’s Small Enterprise Development Technical Unit.