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Join via webinar?


Registration: Microlinks webinars are held on the Adobe Connect platform. To register for a specific webinar, you can find the registration link either on the event page or in the event invitation. This will redirect you to a new page on the Adobe Connect system where you can create a password and fill in your professional details. Please save your password and remember which email address you use to register as this will be your user name.

Accessing the webinar: To access the webinar from your computer at the time of the event, use the link sent to you in your confirmation email and enter your email address as your user name and the password you created when you registered. A new browser window should open for the webinar.

Google Chrome Exception; Firewalls: In some environments, there are documented issues using the Google Chrome browser. For this reason, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer will also work). If you are viewing the webinar behind a Firewall, you may encounter issues with the stream.

You can also join the webinar from many web-enabled mobile devices, including Android phones, Blackberry PlayBook tablets, or Apple iPhones and iPads. To do so, you will need to download the free Adobe Connect Mobile App. Learn more »

For first-time users: If you have never used Adobe Connect before, we recommend joining the session a few minutes early to test your audio and run the Audio Setup Wizard (available from the Meeting menu). By default, all participants will hear the audio through computer speakers. For the best quality, please connect to the webinar using a hard-line internet connection.

Only the facilitators and presenters will be speaking during the webinar but all participants will be able to text chat using a dedicated chat box during the presentation. Please use the chat box to contribute your questions and comments at any time throughout the presentation.

The following video tutorial contains other useful tips about Adobe Connect webinar features: