Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.


COVID-19 poses health and economic risks for savings groups as markets falter and mobility and community gathering are restrained. This post highlights guidance from CARE to help implementers consider how best to support savings groups and their members during this crisis.
This guidance serves as a general reference for USAID’s implementing partners around topics related to the ongoing response to COVID-19.
The USAID BIZ+ program in Sri Lanka helped small and medium-sized businesses sustainably and effectively accelerate and grow. This work created over 8,000 jobs and leveraged over $22 million in private sector investment. This post highlights the program and the new Enterprise Development Report.
This post outlines the importance of a business response to COVID-19 and details the ways in which businesses of all sizes are working to combat the spread of the virus.
USAID provides a series of knowledge products to help global mission staff better integrate agricultural finance into mission activity within the context of the U.S. Government's Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS).
Cambodia has experienced high rates of economic growth and poverty reduction but has struggled to translate the benefits of growth and poverty reduction into equitable access to water and electricity throughout the country.
This curriculum is designed to equip female sex workers (FSWs) with the skills needed to set life goals, communicate effectively, understand gender, take action against gender-based violence, empower themselves, and manage their finances and business affairs.
The Council on Smallholder Agriculture Finance highlights how SMEs play a vital role in agricultural-led development by facilitating access to agronomic training.
This blog post summarizes the Cracking the Nut conference held in October 2019 and presents the downloadable conference report.
OECD Development Matters explains how the Blended Finance Principles provide best practices to push private capital into SDG-aligned projects, programs, and markets.