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Under the landmark peace agreement, the Government of Colombia has committed to addressing land issues by formalizing property rights across the country, organizing the national registry, and recovering lands that belong to the state.
Complex flows of capital and credit reach the most remote parts of the continent to pre-finance the extraction and sale of conflict minerals. Few recognize the importance of property rights in these flourishing economies.
USAID is helping the Government of Tanzania to improve communities’ understanding of land rights, support village land use planning, and clarify, document and certify property rights.
Tajikistan is on the cusp of achieving its vision of a fully-functional market that allows land-use rights to be bought and sold.
This activity was one of four winners of Chemonics’ recent Market Systems and Youth Enterprise Development Innovation Contest.
Logistics systems are complex and commonly involve several different parties. As these systems grow, it becomes increasingly tough for businesses in the same vertical to coordinate with each other.
On April 5, 2018, USAID LandLinks, Marketlinks, and Agrilinks hosted a presentation of the results from the Investor Survey on Land Rights.
SEEP member organizations are invited to chair and organize a Peer Learning Session.
Water.org job opportunity: Financial Sector Specialist
USAID’s Data Services team is pleased to announce the launch of the Women’s Economic Empowerment and Equality (WE3) Dashboard.