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5.5.1. Impact Assessment

For more information on impact assessment methodologies, see the Impact Assessment Primer Series article #2, “Methodological Issues in Conducting Assessments of Private Sector Development Programs” and Primer Series article #3 “Collecting and Using Data for Impact Assessment.”

The PSD-IAI developed, tested, and published guidelines for credible impact assessments including an Impact Assessment Primer Series that explains many of the key concepts and operational steps:

  1. IA Primer Number 1: Assessing the Impact of New Generation Private Sector Development Programs
  2. IA Primer Number 2: Methodological Issues in Conducting Impact Assessments of Private Sector Development Programs
  3. IA Primer Number 3: Collecting and Using Data for Impact Assessment
  4. IA Primer Number 4: Developing a Causal Model for Private Sector Development Programs
  5. IA Primer Number 5: Causal Models as a Useful Program Management Tool: Case Study of PROFIT Zambia
  6. IA Primer Number 6: Planning for Cost Effective Evaluation with Evaluability Assessment
  7. IA Primer Number 7: Common Problems in Impact Assessment Research

The PSDIAI published two additional papers, with their associated Breakfast Seminar events and screencasts available below: