1. Introduction to Finance Wiki

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a user-driven online collection of resources that provides information in an easy-to-follow format and promotes collaboration among users (i.e. users are encouraged to submit their own content to continuously improve, adapt, and build out the wiki).

Who should use this wiki?

The wiki and content were primarily developed for USAID staff and implementing partners but can be used by anyone looking to deepen their knowledge on development finance, particularly the constraints and possible interventions to mobilize finance for development outcomes.

What will you find?

This wiki provides an overview of more than 50 finance interventions. Each intervention has a description, constraints it addresses, advantages and disadvantages of using, questions to consider, a short example, and additional resources if available.

How to use this wiki?

  • The interventions are organized by the Five-Point Strategic Framework: Enabling Environment, Finance Seekers, Finance Providers and Intermediaries, Financial Infrastructure, and Facilitators & Disruptors.
  • Use the left-hand navigation links to navigate to a specific intervention or feel free to explore them in any order.
  • If you would like a primer or refresher on finance basics, start with 2. Mobilizing Finance for Development Overview.

Share your content!

We want to continue to build out this guide using examples and resources from you - a community of development finance practitioners. Have a story, tool, resource, or lesson learned related to one of these interventions? Submit your idea or content using this form and we will work with you to incorporate into this guide.