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Simulating the Market to Change Agribusiness Behavior

Sep 24, 2015


This webinar focused on innovative behavior change tools that have been applied in agribusiness systems in East Africa and beyond. Market systems development requires key actors to change their business models, promoting economic growth and reducing poverty. However, these changes often require market actors to change ingrained mindsets and behaviors. 

Non-traditional training methodologies—such as simulating changing market and business systems—can be highly effective at changing behavior. They support more natural learning contexts and help shift deep-rooted mindsets. However, simulation training tools can be complex and difficult to design.

In this webinar, the presenters shared insights from market systems development projects in East Africa on the design and testing of appropriate tools. They also discussed lessons that local, private sector market actors have learned about rollout models. These learnings will be particularly applicable to input supply and output buyer systems.


Margie Brand
Margie Brand
EcoVentures International

Margie BrandMargie Brand has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning,

Margie Brand tool design and technical support in enterprise and market development contexts, with a focus on vulnerable populations. She has trained over 4,500 trainers and master trainers, and has developed curricula and tools which have been translated into over 15 languages and used in over 35 countries. Ms. Brand is co-author of USAID’s "Economic Strengthening for Vulnerable Children Guidelines," "Pathways out of Poverty," "Livelihoods & Food Security Framework," and "Market Development Strategies for the Very Poor." She has helped develop many of the frameworks and thinking governing work around value chain development, market systems development, vulnerable populations, livelihoods, and youth development. She has provided support to organizations including the SEEP Network, FAO, ACDI/VOCA, Chemonics, Adam Smith International, Save the Children, World Vision, QED Group, FHI360, and USAID. She has designed and managed several multi-million dollar development programs, and has worked in over 20 countries in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, with a focus on her home continent of Africa. 

Annah Macharia
Annah Macharia
Technoserve Kenya

Annah MachariaAnnah Macharia is a Program Manager with TechnoServe’s Agribusiness D

Annah Machariaevelopment Program in Kenya. She has 13 years of experience in market and financial services development. Ms. Macharia's background combines practical business experience with project development expertise. Most recently she has managed market systems development programming in Kenya’s dairy sector for a DFID-funded project targeting improvements in the performance of feed, breed, animal health, and milk supply chain market systems.

Michael Field
Michael Field
Development Alternatives International (DAI)

Michael FieldWith over 25 years of experience, Michael Field is widely recognized as

Michael Fieldone of the world’s leading experts on market and value chain systems approaches to private sector development, with a particular focus on market systems analysis, program design, implementation and management. Mr. Field is regularly invited by leading donor agencies to provide technical support to develop internal capacity and learning mechanisms around market systems approaches. He has supported donors and their practitioner development organizations extensively in this capacity worldwide, including the Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, and SIDA. Mr. Field has extensive country-level experience in several key market development programs including USAID’s Agriculture Value Chain project in Bangladesh with DAI; DFID’s Market Assistance Program in Kenya with ASI; USAID’s ADVANCE project in Ghana with ACDI/VOCA; USAID’s Agriculture for Children Empowerment project in Liberia with ACDI/VOCA; and USAID’s PROFIT project in Zambia with CARDNO EMG which has been widely credited with transforming the agricultural inputs industry in Zambia. Mr. Field was previously the Senior BDS Advisor for USAID’s Microenterprise Development Office in Washington DC where he played a key role in setting learning and research agendas in the field of private sector development. He has been a leading trainer at both USAID and the Springfield Centre’s market development courses over the years.