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Adaptive Management in Practice: A Market Systems Application in Bangladesh

Sep 06, 2017


This webinar discussed the practical adaptations in operational and technical approaches implemented in USAID's Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) activity in Bangladesh to support the application of market systems facilitation. Speakers highlighted key adaptations in technical strategies, monitoring and evaluation systems, contracting processes, and human resources management. The webinar explored challenges and successes and provide access to resources that could be useful more broadly.


Margie Brand
Margie Brand
EcoVentures International

Margie BrandMargie Brand is the founder and director of EcoVentures

Margie Brand International, an organization specializing in learning and behavior change relating to sustainable market systems development. She supports practitioners and donors in strategic planning and facilitation, intervention design and implementation, and capacity building and training. Margie has developed market systems development, value chain, enterprise, microfinance, entrepreneurship, and workforce development curricula and tools that have been translated into over 15 languages and used in over 35 countries. She has designed and managed several development programs, and has worked in over 20 countries in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, with a focus on her home continent of Africa.

Michael Field
Michael Field
Bangladesh DAI

Michael FieldMichael Field has over 25 years of designing, assessi

Michael Fieldng, implementing and training on leading edge private sector development and enabling environment approaches. Through his work, Field has played a key role in setting learning and research agendas in the field of systems approaches. He is currently leading USAID’s Agricultural Value Chain project in Bangladesh. Other recent experience includes designing, advising and training staff in Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe on applying systems concepts to private sector and enabling environment challenges. Field continues to provide guidance on improved practice on systems approaches via various learning platforms.