Designing & Delivering MSD Youth Employment Programming in Sub-Saharan Africa

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The African Development Bank estimates that up to 12 million young people enter African labor markets each year, but only three million formal jobs are created. Because most of these young people can’t afford not to work, the outcome is underemployment and working poverty on a massive scale.
As policymakers, researchers, and the donor community continue to wrestle with the youth employment challenge, does MSD offer any answers?

This webinar will explore the findings of the recently published A rough guide to the MSD approach for youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa, including:

  • The importance of defining target segments of young people
  • Linking economic sectors, the youth labor market and skills development through a market systems lens
  • Unpacking youth employment priorities: more jobs, better jobs, or better access to jobs?
  • Thinking about sustainability and scale in the context of youth employment

Justin van Rhyn, Independent consultant and lead author of A rough guide to the MSD approach for youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa
Appiah Boakye, Project Director, Innovation in Non-Traditional Vocational Education and Skills Training (INVEST) Ghana - a WUSC project
Meseret Tefera, Team Leader, LIWAY, Mercy Corps
Rachel Shah, Director of Youth Employment (interim), Mercy Corps