6th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable: Securing Farmers’ Livelihoods

This event has passed
  • Date: Thu, Mar 31, 2022, 4:00 - 5:25pm
  • Location: Webinar
  • Event Type: Online
  • Organizations: USAID Green Invest Asia,Barry Callebaut,and GIZ


Save the Date for industry coconut sustainability networking event

USAID Green Invest Asia, Barry Callebaut, and GIZ convene the 6th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable on March 31, 2022 focused on “Securing Coconut Farmers’ Sustainable Livelihoods”. One pillar of the Sustainable Coconut Charter is to “increase smallholder farmers’ income and subsequently their livelihoods by improving access to markets, finance, technology, increased capacity, productivity, and replanting.” The event includes an update on the formalization of the Sustainable Coconut Roundtable platform, an overview of livelihood challenges coconut farmers face, and expert panels on the potential of sustainable sourcing initiatives to increase coconut smallholder income and livelihoods. Contact rchaiyosaeng@pactworld.org for more information on the event, and follow us on LinkedIn for speaker and event updates.