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Accelerating Women's Digital Financial Inclusion

Event Date: 
Nov 08, 2018
9:30 am to 10:30 am EST
SEEP Network


Digital technology is key to expanding access to financial services for women. Digital financial services can help improve women’s access to and control over income, savings, and assets. However, across low- and middle-income countries, significant gender gaps persist in terms of women’s access to and use of digital technologies and formal financial services. 

This webinar will explore how development practitioners can work innovatively with banks, mobile operators, technology firms, and regulators to address this gap. Presenters from the Arab Women's Enterprise Fund (AWEF), Women’s World Banking, and the African Management Initiative will showcase how a variety of approaches can work effectively in diverse contexts, factors that impact success, and ways in which development practitioners/organizations can engage government and private sector partners to accelerate progress on the digital financial inclusion agenda.

This webinar is the third event in a two-year learning series: "In Practice: Women's Economic Empowerment in Market Systems," which will feature a thought-provoking sequence of webinars, e-discussions, and practitioner briefs, followed by an in-person learning event. The learning partnership is brought to you by the Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund (AWEF) together with DAI EuropeMarketShare Associates, the SEEP Network and UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

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