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29th Annual Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture: Two Dimensions of Growth: Biology and Economics

Event Date: 
Jun 27, 2019
12:15 pm to 1:45 pm EDT
International Food Policy Research Institute


There is extensive evidence that reducing undernutrition brings considerable economic benefits, often far greater than the costs of investing in nutrition programs. But the evidence on a global scale offers only a first step toward guidance on priorities for investing in young children’s nutrition.

The 29th annual Martin J. Forman Memorial lecture will explore the pathways from improved nutrition to economic growth, looking at the broad goals of investing in nutrition that go far beyond reducing stunting. In particular, the lecture will address the potential of integrating nutrition and early childhood interventions into a life-cycle approach to personal and economic development.

The annual lecture commemorates the significant impact on international nutrition by Martin J. Forman, who headed the Office of Nutrition at USAID for more than 20 years. The annual lecturer is invited to present his or her personal, often unconventional, views about large issues dealing with malnutrition.

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Lunch will be available starting at 11:45 am. Event begins promptly at 12:15 pm. Livestream available on our FB event page or online. http://bit.ly/29thFormanLecture.

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