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Key Takeaways on the Cultural Underpinnings of Emerging Payment Systems Uptake from Maria Stephens and Vivian Dzokoto

April 4, 2012
Maria Stephens of USAID and Dr. Vivian Dzokoto of Virginia Commonwealth University share their key takeaways from the EPS Seminar #6, "Barriers to Mobile Money Transfer Uptake in Ghana." In this video, the two presenters discuss the cultural underpinnings of emerging payment systems uptake and considerations for public-private partnerships in the development of financial services.

Beyond Kenya: Examining Digital Payment Usage in Africa

April 27, 2012
This summary covers three main points: the recent strategy refresh of the FSP team, the findings of research on Domestic Remittances in 11 African Countries, and how policy makers and market players might use these findings.

10 Priorities for Financial Inclusion

February 4, 2013
Global and national policymakers have made it a priority to advance financial inclusion. To make real progress, CGAP believes the field has 10 priorities over the next 5 years.

Arab Spring, Start-Up Summer?

July 16, 2011
Written by Holly Pickett for The New York Times. Business groups are taking an interest in Egyptian entrepreneurs like Yasmine el-Mehairy, left, and Zeinab Samir, who started a site for Arab women.

Diasporas: A link to global integration

November 11, 2011
Can diasporas really serve as bridges to global markets for their countries of origin? A closer look at tourism and trade during the fifth Diaspora Engagement Seminar seems to imply exactly that. Dr. Manuel Orozco from the Inter-American Dialogue and Dr. Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey, President of Henderson Travel Service, were featured in this month’s seminar titled, "Heritage Tourism and Nostalgia Trade.”

Key Takeaways on Understanding Intangibles from Muhammad Siddiquee (CARE)

November 7, 2011
Muhammad Siddiquee of CARE provides key takeaways from his presentation during Breakfast Seminar #64, "Understanding the Intangibles: Trust, Risk, Leadership, and Transparency in Value Chain Partnerships." In this video, he discusses the importance of understanding the intangibles in value chain partnerships, particularly when influencing behavior changes and scale-up interventions.

The Roodman-Bateman Debate: A CFI Dialogue

February 10, 2012
To say the debate between Milford Bateman and David Roodman was contentious would be an understatement. Those of us from the Center for Financial Inclusion who attended the debate have been all a-buzz ever since.

Complexity Meets Sustainability

January 25, 2012
Eric Sarriot of ICF's CEDARS discusses lessons learned about how health systems may be relevant to the world of food security and value chain interventions.