VC Learning Event Video Note: Geoff Chalmers and Greta Greathouse on value chain financing

In this video, Geoff Chalmers interviews Greta Greathouse about her presentation during the session, "Value Chain Financing" session at the USAID Learning Event, "Meeting the Challenges of Value Chain Development" held in Washington, DC on February 7-8, 2012. 


Bio: Geoffrey Chalmers, ACDI/VOCA


Geoffrey Chalmers has fifteen years of management and technical experience in rural and agricultural finance, value chain development, microfinance and private sector management. Currently Senior Technical Director at ACDI/VOCA, where he focuses primarily on the nexus between value chain development and rural and agricultural finance, Chalmers previously served as economic growth officer at the USAID Mission in Mexico City. Prior to that, he was an advisor and specialist in USAID’s Microenterprise Development office, and held previous positions at IADB, World Bank, several NGOs and in the private sector. He is a graduate of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins.

Bio: Greta Greathouse, HIFIVE

Greta Greathouse is a senior banking, finance and private sector development specialist with over 30 years of diverse international finance and donor program experience. She is currently the Chief of Party for HIFIVE (Haiti Integrated Financing for Value Chains and Enterprises), a financial inclusion project of USAID. In addition to its work in expanding availability of finance for agricultural value chains, HIFIVE implements and manages the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative, a partnership between USAID and the Gates Foundation that has been instrumental in developing mobile money services in Haiti. She has served as Chief of Party for other multi-year USAID-funded private sector development projects in Morocco and in Haiti. Prior to working in development, she spent over 20 years as an international banker. Her last 13 years in banking were with Banco Santander (New York), where she developed and managed the Global Corporate Banking, Financial Institution, and Asset Backed Finance groups.