MFC Interviews 2011: Kenan Crnkić on Prizma’s social performance management programs

Kenan Crnkić discusses Prizma’s social performance management programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their poverty scorecards. He encourages viewers to read Prizma’s “Managing Social Performance through Integrated Approach” that is based on the organization’s case studies.

Bio: Kenan Crnkić

Kenan Crnkić is CEO of PRIZMA. Nowadays PRIZMA is one of the leading microfinance institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, assisting small businesses and the wider population, by providing long-term access to quality financial services trough crediting entrepreneurship, agriculture, basic needs and sustainable livelihood. In addition to Headquarter located in Sarajevo, PRIZMA currently has three decentralized regional centers with more than 40 branches all over the country, from which over 250 staff members serve clients in more than 100 low-income municipalities across entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. PRIZMA is streaming towards fusion of financial and development objectives, as well as contributing in positive changes in human lives, and by enhancing its own organizational sustainability to serve population of Bosnia and Herzegovina on long-term basis. During its 12 years of successful existence PRIZMA disbursed about 300.000 loans in the amount of KM 450 millions. To learn more, please see this report.

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