MFC Interviews 2011: Andrea Limone (PerMicro) on the benefits of MFC's JASMINE program

May 19, 2011

PerMicro is an Italian Non-Banking Financial Intermediary created in Turin in 2007 to specialize in microfinance products. Its founding members are two important social organizations, Fondazione Paideia and Oltre Venture. New shareholders are UBI Banca and Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita - CRT.

On May 18th Microlinks interviewed Andrea Limone from PerMicro, an independent MFI in Italy that benefited from the MFC JASMINE (Joint Action to Support Microfinance Institutions in Europe) program. PerMicro is one of the beneficiaries of JASMINE project.

In the second video, Piotr Korysnki of MFC asks Limone of PerMicro about the JASMINE program in Italy, benefits of MFC’s technical assistance, and how other methodologies of capacity building are applied.

In the third segment, Korysnki asks Limone about future plans for PerMicro’s growth.