Launch of a new Discussion Forum and Blog for the Financial Inclusion Sector

April 23, 2020


Photo: Ugandan woman in hospital scrubs smiling at the camera
Photo Credit: USAID

The European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) with the Center for Financial Inclusion and the Social Performance Task Force, has launched a new platform,, for original essay content and a discussion forum where sector stakeholders can ask questions, initiate discussions and provide details of their own experiences, forecasts and concerns. This new site is intended to be complementary to the other resources available, such as the FinDev COVID-19 hub. What seeks to do is provide what the three initial partners think is currently missing – a place where people can submit blog pieces quickly, see responses from other readers, and start discussion threads in the forum.

The site launched with a kick-off piece: ‘Keeping the Patient Alive,’ the first in an opening series of short papers that will adapt the Hierarchy of Needs (described in this context in a 2010 CFI paper, written by Daniel Rozas, entitled Weathering the Storm) and re-frame it for this new global crisis, extracting lessons from previous crises where relevant, and incorporating the thoughts of e-MFP’s members and friends. This series will be accompanied by other contributions from sector opinion-leaders too.

Visit to contribute to the Forum, and submit relevant and original material (to [email protected]) for publication on the blog page.