Key Takeaways On Strategies For Improving Weak Value Chains from Curtis Hundley (DAI)

Curtis Hundley of DAI provides key takeaways from his presentation during Breakfast Seminar #66, "Tools for Mending Weak and Fractured Value Chains." In this video, he discusses strategies for improving the competitiveness of enterprises, promoting a healthy business enabling environment, and facilitating public-private partnerships from DAI's MSME Project in Cambodia.

Bio: Curtis Hundley

Since joining the Cambodia MSME Project, Chief of Party Curtis Hundley and his team have played a vital role in mending several weak and fracture value chains by facilitating fun, enjoyable activities to improve inter-firm cooperation, and reduce animosity between the private and public sectors. The result is a much improved business environment for Cambodian firms. Using a highly-principled approach, the MSME Team did not provide direct technical assistance to firms nor draft any laws or regulations. Instead, the team encouraged private sector firms to provide training services with the costs embedded in the sales of products, and helped the public sector draft new laws by helping them understand the elements of good laws and encouraging them to listen to the private sector. Since the project started in 2005, thousands of business persons and government officers have learned to trust each other, enter business deals, and draft business friendly regulations.

Curtis Hundley escaped corporate America in 1996 for a 2-year sabbatical, but never returned; choosing instead to leverage his MBA training, strategic planning, and business development skills to facilitate rural economic development in Laos and Cambodia.