This June, Marketlinks Explores Data-driven Partnerships to Maximize Market Impact

June 1, 2021


Photo by WorldFish
Photo by WorldFish

This June, Marketlinks explores data-driven partnerships to Maximize Market Impact. Increasingly, the development community is emphasizing partnerships between public and private sector actors in order to advance our goals in a sustainable manner. But how do we know that we are on the right track? What metrics should we use to help us gauge the progress we’ve made? What innovations exist to test and monitor new approaches? Thoughtful monitoring, evaluation, and learning processes allow for programmatic shifts to increase effectiveness and improve results. 

  • USAID’s FinTech Partnerships Playbook offers a useful framework through which we can understand the shifts in the market systems and enabling environment that might indicate progress. 
  • USAID’s Enduring Results Study 3.0 documents findings and themes from private sector partnerships in order to capture and disseminate evidence on the drivers of sustainability and scale in the Agency’s partnerships with the private sector. 

While these resources offer a solid foundation from which to start, they are just the beginning of the conversation. Follow along with us as we explore other resources that help to advance our understanding and dialogue. 

Have you or your organization made strides in your metrics and learning for impactful private sector partnerships? If so, please share with us throughout the month!