Join Marketlinks this Month to Discuss Pay-for-Results

August 2, 2019


Photo: male farmer holding tomatoes standing in field. Credit: USAID/Tanzania
Bahati Malekela, farmer and group leader at a rural farm near the Tanzanian village of Idodi, displays tomatoes ready for distribution to a market in nearby Iringa. Photo Credit: Credit: USAID/Tanzania

“Pay-for-results” is trending! There is a swelling chorus in the development community about the potential of pay-for-results (PforR) to increase accountability, foster innovation, and stretch scarce development dollars. With the growing need to “do more with less” and demonstrate results when using development dollars, PforR is a compelling solution — one which USAID and other donors will inevitably want to see more of.

But from a practical perspective, how does it really operate, and how can it be incorporated into project designs and proposals from implementers? We know that it entails payment based upon results rather than efforts to accomplish those results, but beyond this, there are significant knowledge gaps about how to apply it.

—Lawrence Camp, USAID, Office of Private Capital and Microenterprise

This August, Marketlinks will spotlight the Pay-for-Results tool in global development. We're kicking the month off with a webinar on August 8th, Pay-for-Results: Better Development Outcomes through Stronger Performance Management. Presenters will share how the PfR model can help reach development outcomes, and present six steps that can be used in program design to set performance metrics. 

In the sidebar, check out some blogs and resources from the Marketlinks archives and from some of our partners. Throughout the month, we'll highlight additional content. We invite you to submit your PfR materials. Email, or create an account on Marketlinks and upload your submission.