Highlights from Webinar on Youth Savings Services: Are They Worth It?

December 1, 2014

On November 20, Microlinks hosted the webinar “Youth savings services: Are they worth it?” featuring presenters Ryan Newton, of Women’s World Banking, and Jessie Christine Tientcheu and Christian Loupéda, both of Freedom from Hunger. Each presenter spoke about their experience with youth financial services and explored the results of a cost-revenue analysis incurred by four organizations working to serve youth in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Mali. Presenters also highlighted their organizations' free, online guides/modules which aim to help institutions better refine their youth savings strategy and program development.

In order to describe the business case for youth savings services, some of the topics covered in the presentation included: 

  • How to identify organizational objectives and what the organization would like to achieve
  • How to develop the best approach to providing youth with financial and non-financial services
  • Profitability levers 
  • How to optimize organizational costs and develop a revenue maximization strategy
  • The role of subsidies and how to use them smartly
  • How to design for long-term sustainability

Finally, presenters emphasized that each institution needs to figure out what it most wants to achieve and how best to serve youth clients using this information, while maintaining institutional financial sustainability.

To access post-event resources, including the webinar recording, audio and chat transcripts, and the online guides and reports, click here.