Exploring Diverse Approaches to Unleash Financing for Natural Climate Solutions


Natural Climate Solutions

The webinar, “Unleashing Financing for Natural Climate Solutions: An Opportunity for Impact and Financial Returns”, held on November 9, looked at the diverse business models, asset classes, and trends across revenue models—such as blended finance—in the climate space. The webinar hosted by USAID and Chemonics International’s Center for Private Sector Engagement. 

In opening remarks, Olaf Zerbock, a Forestry and Biodiversity Advisor at USAID, highlighted key points from USAID’s newly-released Draft Climate Strategy 2022-2030 and examined the role that natural climate solutions will play in this strategy.

Claire B. Zuazo, Director of Environment and Natural Resources at Chemonics International, moderated a panel discussion with speakers Serena Guarnaschelli, Greg Snyders, and Anna Toness. Serena Guarnaschelli, Partner at KOIS, opened the discussion with an overview of natural climate solutions, revenue models, and market trends. Greg Snyders, Partner at Dalberg, delved into the role of blended finance in this space. Anna Toness, Sustainable Economic Growth Office Director at USAID/Malawi (previously Director of the USAID/Brazil Environment Office) closed the discussion with a case study from the Amazon Biodiversity Fund (ABF).

The webinar concluded with an interactive, engaging Q&A session with our panelists.

Read the webinar readout below for highlights from the webinar.