BD4FS Pre-HACCP Validation Audit and Badge Program


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To address the lack of food safety certifications available at the SME level and validate the implementation of project trainings, Feed the Future Business Drivers for Food Safety designed the BD4FS Pre-HACCP Validation Badge program. Working with growing food businesses (GFBs) interested in earning a Validation Badge, BD4FS held specialized trainings, offered technical assistance, and organized a professional food safety audit of 21 Senegalese GFBs.

The auditor determined that eight GFBs passed the audit and earned the BD4FS Pre-HACCP Validation Badge. This is a commendable pass rate of 38%, with eight out of the 21 participating GFBs successfully meeting the required standards. Those that did not pass were given 30 days to rectify both major and minor non-conformity issues. The Senegal Food Safety expert reviewed their updated conformities and shared this with the auditor to decide pass/fail. An additional 12 companies corrected their nonconformities and received a pass rating. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the small size of the participating companies and the fact that most are new to this type of intensive training, as well as the developing stage of food safety regulations in Senegal and the SSA region. 

The BD4FS Pre-HACCP Validation Badge program illustrates the fact that SMEs working in food systems value having some form of standard or validation that recognizes their investment into their quality management systems. It also illustrates the lack of a “right sized” or affordable certification program for these target businesses. GFBs also recognize they will benefit financially in the marketplace by having this validation. In this way, GFBs that invest in food safety practices and technologies are becoming the drivers for delivering safer nutritious foods to local consumers.  

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