2021 Year in Review: Marketlinks’ Top 3 Webinars

December 20, 2021


Year in Review Top Webinars Banner

Throughout December, Marketlinks has shared the top market-led development content from 2021, including the most-read blogs and the most-accessed resources on the site. Through this series, we’ve showcased the learning and knowledge-sharing content that has resonated the most with our community throughout the year.

In this final post of this series, we share the three webinars that drew the highest engagement among the Marketlinks community in 2021. Each webinar features a panel of technical experts' take on key market systems, economic growth, and/or private sector engagement issues, along with lessons learned to inform development programming. Read on to learn more, and be sure to visit each webinar’s event page to access the webinar recording, presentation slides, and transcripts!

  1. Balancing Market Approaches to Better Youth Employment Outcomes

As the largest generation in history enters the workforce seeking opportunities to improve their lives and livelihoods through gainful employment, sound approaches to delivering better youth employment outcomes are needed. In this webinar, panelists working on youth employment issues in development share their perspectives on how to balance supply- and demand-side approaches to deliver better youth employment outcomes.

  1. Advancing Inclusive, Sustainable, and Resilient Economic Growth through Enterprise-Driven Development

In this webinar, an expert panel discusses how USAID programs can better engage with the private sector and approach economic growth programming from the market systems and enabling environment perspectives. Tune in to hear from USAID and industry experts on emerging trends and a discussion of six new principles for USAID programming to advance an enterprise-driven development approach.

  1. Overcoming Barriers to LGBTQI+ Labor Market Participation - Innovative Programs for Economic Empowerment and Inclusive Growth

This webinar examines the barriers and challenges that LGBTQI+ people face in the labor market and highlights three successful programs to address them in Brazil, Kenya, and Cambodia. Hear how, despite discrimination, stigma, violence, and criminalization, LGBTQI-led organizations and activists have developed a variety of targeted solutions and partnerships to address barriers, enhance livelihoods, and develop sustainable paths for market participation.

And that’s a wrap! From the Marketlinks team, we thank you, our community, for helping shape Marketlinks’ mission to enhance market-led development practitioners’ work. As we close out one year, we look forward to another aimed at advancing inclusive, sustainable, and resilient economic growth through connecting our global community of donors, implementers, academics, and private sector actors. See you in 2022!