Calling all Current, Former and Aspiring Senior Leaders on  Market Systems Development Programs

April 20, 2021
USAID’s Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships (MSP) Activity is conducting a rapid industry survey to document and understand the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting workforce participation and career ambitions of current and aspiring senior leaders on market systems development programs. MSP will use the survey results to document the opportunities and challenges facing current and potential program leaders, analyze the gendered effects, and provide initial recommendations on addressing COVID-19-related impacts.  The preliminary results from this 15-minute survey will be presented at the upcoming Market Systems Symposium (May 2021) and the full study will be shared with industry stakeholders in summer 2021.  MSP invites all current, former, and/or aspiring senior leaders on market systems development programs to take the anonymous survey. The survey will be live through May 5, 2021.