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Youth-Led Innovations: Accelerating the Journey to Self-Reliance

Recommendations needed!

On Thursday, April 19th, USAID’s Global Development Lab and the Agency YouthCorps will host “Youth-Led Innovations: Accelerating the Journey to Self-Reliance,” at the W Hotel with 150 partners, donors, young global leaders, and USAID staff in honor of Global Youth Service Day. The event will highlight USAID’s leadership in engaging youth as partners in innovation for sustainable development outcomes. The event will include the USAID leadership, young social and economic entrepreneurs, and partners sharing key youth-led or youth-related innovations in areas including:

  • Youth’s Role in Stemming Conflict, Migration,  and Gender-based Violence
  • Building Economic Opportunity, Entrepreneurship and Livelihoods
  • Adolescent Health and Well-Being
  • Youth and Humanitarian Response
  • A Future in Agriculture and Food Security
  • Transforming Education and Workforce Opportunities
  • Preparing for Partnering and Parenting
  • Building a Civil Society and Youth Leadership
  • Youth Leveraging Technology
  • Others that you may recommend

There are two ways we hope to highlight these innovations:

  1. USAID staff, implementing partners, or youth leaders present the innovation at a Innovation Marketplace booth that afternoon or send us a video highlighting the innovation.
  2. Share the innovation on the web page and app that we will have for this event by sending us a summary, photo, and link to more information.

Please submit your innovations or youth-led models to Carey Utz at [email protected] by March 10th. Submissions should be a 250-word (max) summary and/or a short bio on a young leader you think we should highlight at the event and who may be able to speak either in person or remotely at the event.

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