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Gender, Social Inclusion, and COVID-19: Recommendations for Agriculture and Market Systems Project Implementation

This post introduces an April 2020 publication from ACDI/VOCA

Women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, indigenous populations, migrants, refugees, sexual minorities, and other marginalized groups experience the highest degree of socio-economic marginalization. Marginalized people become even more vulnerable in emergencies, which means that it is important for ACDI/VOCA projects to consider how to incorporate a gender and social inclusion lens into our COVID-19 responses and adaptations.

In the new "Gender and Social Inclusion and COVID-19: Impacts and Recommendations for Agriculture and Market Systems Project Implementation" report, ACDI/VOCA identifies ways that COVID impacts these groups to determine areas needing priority assistance, support their capacities in emergencies and engage them in decisionmaking processes for the response, recovery, and risk reduction.

Each ACDI/VOCA program has specific objectives, goals, results, and activities and operates in a unique geographic and cultural context. Therefore, the information presented in the report includes overarching recommendations intended to highlight key principles each program should incorporate in developing and implementing a COVID-19 response or adaptation.

The full report is available to read or download below.