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VC Learning Event: Reaching the Very Poor (Session Resources)

Institutional Sponsor: 
USAID Microenterprise Development Office
Publication date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The attached presentation and media are products of the "Reaching the Very Poor" session of USAID's Meeting the Challenges of Value Chain Development: A Learning Event.

Session Description:

Research suggests that the ‘poorest of the poor’ rarely benefit from value chain development initiatives as a result of constraints that preclude them from participating in markets and attracting the attention of the private sector. Recently, USAID developed a framework and tools, hosted an e-consultation, and commissioned case studies to better understand how value chain development programs, complemented by social and economic strengthening activities, can integrate the very poor into market opportunities. This session included presentations from practitioners and donors illustrating how the goals of integrating the very poor and stimulating economic growth can be mutually supportive. Participants discussed the advantages, challenges and means to reach the very poor using a value chain approach and shared examples of this in practice.