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Leveraging Reconstruction: Opportunities for Creating Good Jobs

Sonia Mistry
Neha Misra
Gregory Randolph
Bama Athreya

Given the increasing incidence of disasters around the world, the recovery process must be leveraged for longer-term development gains. Two years after an earthquake displaced nearly 2.8 million people and shocked Nepal’s economy, the country still has a long way to go in its reconstruction process. At the same time, the country faces an endless loop of out-migration for low-paying and often exploitative work, with little meaningful development in communities of origin. But Nepal has the chance to use the reconstruction process to create jobs that protect worker rights, provide family-supporting wages, and generate opportunities for economic mobility, making migration for work a choice rather than a necessity.

Join Microlinks for a webinar where experts will examine the Nepal earthquake recovery process and highlight the importance of decent work and the value of human capital among migrant workers and all workers in order to grow economies in developing nations. 

Presenters will share findings from a new report from the Solidarity Center and JustJobs Network (JJN), Rebuilding Nepal: Creating Good Jobs Amid Reconstruction and Migration (https://www.solidaritycenter.org/publication/rebuilding-nepal-creating-good…). Also, hear from the researchers as they discuss the methodologies used to distill these key insights.