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ICT and AG Profile: Sustainable Harvest

FHI 360
Institutional Sponsor: 
United States Agency for International Development
Publication date: 
Monday, August 1, 2011


Relationship Information Tracking System (RITS) allows coffee cooperatives to trace every step of the supply chain process starting from the grower. Using a cloud-based application, the coffee co-op manager is able to record individual coffee farmer deliveries, track the certification status of each delivery, process farmer payment, record quality-related information, bulk coffee deliveries according to quality, and generate reports on farm productivity, payments, and samples. Under the Fostering Agriculture Competitiveness Employing Information Communication Technologies (FACET) Program, under the FIELD-Support LWA, this profile focuses on RITS services.

The FACET project aims to help USAID missions and their implementing partners in sub-Saharan Africa use information and communications technology in sustainable and scalable approaches to improve the impact of their agriculture related development projects.