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Microlinks Coverage from the 2012 Cracking the Nut Conference

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Microlinks partnered with AZMJ to provide coverage of this year's Cracking the Nut Conference: Attracting Private Sector Investment to Rural and Agricultural Markets. The conference, held in Washington, DC on June 25-26, focused on leveraging public private partnerships to develop rural and agricultural markets and helped attendees identify investment opportunities along dynamic rural and agricultural value chains. Read any one of the several blog post recaps from various conference sessions and plenaries, or watch one of our video interviews with session presenters.


Blog posts

Conference Spotlight

B. Marquard & J. Mennel, Deloitte on partnerships


Alexandra Fiorillo, Ideas42 on behavioral economics


Laté Lawson-Lartego, CARE on market engagement



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Beth Keck, Walmart on public-private partnerships


Anita Campion, AZMJ on conference takeaways


Kofi Owusu-Boakye, USAID on warehouse receipts



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