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Cracking the Nut Africa to take place on October 14-16 in Kigali, Rwanda

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While the worldwide Cracking the Nut Conference in Dresden wrapped up a little more than a month ago, agricultural development Experts, NGOs, and investors still have Cracking the Nut Africa to look forward to. Organized by AZMJ and hosted in Kigali, Rwanda on October 14-16, the conference aims to match key players in the African agriculture sector with international experts in order to bolster value chains and increase investment. In particular, plenaries and breakout sessions will address issues such as reducing the risk involved for companies working with rural clients, how investors can work to build durable and sustainable food security systems, and perhaps most importantly – how food production can keep up with a rapidly expanding population.


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And check out this interview with Anita Campion and Nikolaus Eichman of AZMJ, in which they discuss what they aim to achieve by organizing a conference specifically focused on food security in Africa: