Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.


This report analyzes recent experiences with renewable energy reverse auctions in El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru. The analysis focuses on the regulatory environment, characteristics, and results of the auctions, and financing of winning bids.
This post introduces USAID's Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Suppliers Forum, held in 2018, which engaged US firms interested in beginning or expanding business in developing markets.
This brief discusses methods for reducing risk associated with abuse or misuse of savings by adults, the potential for deterioration of savings, and the particular vulnerabilities faced by female savers.
This brief outlines an approach for estimating the financial costs of cash transfer programs. It discusses the ways in which various targeting approaches and design parameters can affect the financial costs of a program.
Drawing on a new ILO database, this report provides an up-to-date and realistic assessment of the global contribution of self-employment and micro- and small enterprises to employment – both in the formal and the informal economy.
Driving interoperable payments in Latin America through the mobile platform BICOO to address key barriers facing the unbanked.
Power Africa teamed up with USAID INVEST to increase access to solar home systems and mini-grids across Kenya. Through Azuri Technology's pay-as-you-go-model, they are projected to provide 390,000 new connections and 6,000 upgraded connections across the country.
This report introduces INVEST, a mechanism that uses USAID funding to mobilize private capital for development and overcomes barriers to private sector engagement. INVEST works to build the capability of new and underutilized firms (new partners) by awarding and managing subcontracts.
This post highlights the Facilitator's Guide, Side Deck and Participant Workbook from The Graduation Approach: Putting Together the Pieces training builds capacity for participants who work in vulnerable children programming, and who may have little prior experience in graduation approach...