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Market Systems Innovations – From the Field

Sep 12, 2013
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DFID has been one of the leading agencies in Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P), a market systems approach that works with the private sector to catalyze changes in markets that benefit the poor. DFID’s flagship M4P project in Kenya is the Market Assistance Programme (MAP), managed by Mike Field, a recognized leader in value chain and M4P approaches. Field and his team are exploring innovative, scalable solutions in cross-cutting systems and specific value chains. This seminar will explore lessons from MAP’s market systems approach, including innovations using village agent models, retail strengthening strategies, innovative ICT applications, and business-to-business behavior change strategies.


Photo: Margie Brand
Margie Brand
EcoVentures International and SEEP

imageMargie Brand is Executive Director at EcoVentures International (EVI), a small non-profi

imaget firm specializing in sustainable market systems development strategies. Brand is currently supporting DFID’s Market Assistance Programme in Kenya, where she leads a team exploring behavior change strategies for market actors impacted by private sector engagement strategies. Brand has co-authored publications related to value chain development strategies for the very poor and economic strengthening strategies for youth development. She has acted as Senior Advisor to the SEEP Network on enterprise and market development. Brand and the EVI team have supported multiple USAID enterprise and workforce development projects, conducting innovative market opportunity assessments and facilitating private sector-driven acceleration funds to support market-driven development and training strategies. She has trained over 4,000 trainers and master trainers and developed value chain, enterprise, microfinance, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship curricula, available in over 15 languages and used in over 45 countries.