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Facilitating Systemic Change: Experiences from Feed the Future’s Projects in Uganda

Aug 01, 2013
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Eric Derks, with Tetra Tech, was the former Chief of Party of the USAID/Uganda Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development (LEAD) project and is the current Chief of Party for the USAID/Uganda Feed the Future Agricultural Inputs Activity. On USAID LEAD, Derks managed the transition from a direct implementation approach to a more facilitated approach, and is now modifying that approach to ensure the systematic development of the agricultural inputs supply chain in Uganda. He will share lessons learned on how to change behavior in both project staff and value chain actors, and how to embed learning and adapting into implementation methodology, while managing for results.

Greenroom Interview: Key Takeaways

Eric Derks


Photo: Eric Derks
Eric Derks

Photo: Eric DerksEric Derks has worked

Photo: Eric DerksEric Derks has worked on improving approaches to achieving sustainable, systemic change in market systems for 15 years. He is currently the Chief of Party of the USAID/Uganda Feed the Future Agricultural Inputs Activity, an 8-month old effort to increase the use of agro-inputs through systemic improvements in the distribution channels and related networks. Previously, in Uganda, he led the shift of the USAID LEAD project from a direct provision of support to farmers to a more facilitative/leveraged approach, aiming for broad-based change in the maize, coffee, and agro-inputs systems. Derks is particularly interested in applying concepts of complex adaptive systems and social network analysis to inform and shape interventions.