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How USAID/Honduras and FINTRAC Helped Smallholders Upgrade and Compete Sustainably in High Potential Value Chains

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United States Agency for International Development


Geoffrey Chalmers of USAID/Mexico, presented, “How USAID/HONDURAS and FINTRAC Helped Smallholders Upgrade and Compete Sustainably in High Potential Value Chains.”  The seminar was the 7th installment of the monthly Linking Small Firms to Competitiveness Strategies Breakfast Seminar Series sponsered by the USAID Microenterprise Development office.

Mr. Chalmers focused his presentation on how USAID/Honduras and FINTRAC helped Honduran smallholders compete in high potential value chains.  He also spoke about USAID/FINTRAC efforts to make their interventions sustainable.  Mr. Chalmers detailed the challenges the value chain actors faced, including how producers were able to finance their participation in the market.  Mr. Chalmers also raised the issue of how donors can facilitate access to financial services that enable smallholder participation. He concluded by discussing the link between finance, skills and upgrading and how value chain integration impacts creditworthiness.


Geoffrey Chalmers headshot
Geoffrey Chalmers
Geoffrey Chalmers headshot
Geoffrey Chalmers headshot

Geoffrey Chalmers is USAID/Mexico’s Development Finance Advisor, where he manages the Mexico country office’s micro and rural finance activities. Mr. Chalmers previously served as a Microenterprise Development Advisor in USAID/Washington, working in the areas of microfinance, BDS and rural finance. Mr. Chalmers has worked in the Microenterprise Division of the Inter-American Development Bank and has served as an advisor to a local MFI in Nicaragua. He is co-author of “Jumpstarting Agribusiness Markets” as well as several forthcoming articles and papers on the topic of rural and agricultural finance. He holds a Masters degree in International Affairs and International Finance from Johns Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies.