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Investment Mobilization Platform - a new approach to mobilizing finance for development

Event Date: 
Apr 30, 2019
9:30 am to 11:00 am EDT
Online Event


Financing for capital investment is critical to accomplishing development objectives – whether in health, agriculture, WASH, etc.  But facilitating the flow of such financing has long been a development challenge.

The Investment Mobilization Platform offers a new approach to overcoming this challenge – harnessing the twin tools of blended capital and pay-for-results to catalyze transaction.  Working on both the demand and supply side – the platform:

  • Engages transaction originators (compensated on a pay-for-results basis) it develops a pipeline of transactions critical to development objectives.
  • Establishes a broad and diverse network of finance providers with the ability to provide a spectrum of financial instruments (debt and equity)
  • Employs blended capital as needed to boost yield for transactions which strong economic benefits but may be slightly shy on financial return.

On April 30th Marketlinks hosted a webinar with speakers Lawrence Camp of USAID and Santiago Sedaca of Palladium, who discussed the Investment Mobilization Platforms being rolled out in Kenya and Haiti.


headshot of Santiago

Santiago Sedaca is a Managing Partner at Palladium, where he has worked since 2015.

At Palladium, Santiago leads the Economic Growth and Governance Practice, as well as NY-based Commercial Innovation team, implementing projects worldwide in the areas of business strategy, value chain upgrading, agricultural development, financial inclusion, trade and investment promotion, workforce development, and policy reform. Over the past decade, he has developed practical methodologies for identifying and nurturing public-private partnerships and inclusive business models, developing case studies, identifying good practices, and training practitioners and policymakers on how to engage the private sector. He has helped developed various iterations of the Investment Platform, designing, advising and reviewing experiences in Ghana, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Macedonia, Kenya and Malawi, exploring different pay-for-performance models, the use of business development services, and other ways to use the Platform for crowding-in investment. Previously, Santiago was President of CARANA Corporation, served as Chief of Party in Ecuador and served in management roles at Salt Lake Olympics Organizing Committee, Arbros Communications, and SRI International. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Master’s Program in Foreign Service, and he has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Studies from Gordon College.


Lawrence Camp is a Senior Adviser with USAID, primarily focused on innovative strategies for mobilizing private financing for development objectives.

He has long experience in commercial banking and structured finance as Vice President and Group Head, and subsequently as Chief of Party of USAID projects. He is a graduate of Princeton University and the American Graduate School for International Management.

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