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How to Address and Prevent Sexual Harassment in the World of Work

Event Date: 
May 07, 2020
9:30 am EDT
Online Event
The SEEP Network


Sexual harassment is prevalent across the world and negatively affects women’s employment, including women’s workplace attendance and productivity, income, job retention and advancement, and career trajectory. Workplace sexual harassment also negatively affects entire workgroup productivity and has significant costs on firms and economies.

This solutions-oriented webinar will explore the broader economic costs of sexual harassment in the world of work. Experts from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Solidarity Center, and World Bank will highlight practical approaches to promote respectful workplaces and prevent and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. The webinar will also explore the practical implications of the ILO Convention No. 190 on Violence and Harassment in the Workplace that was adopted in 2019.

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